3-D Wikki Stix Snowman Detailed Instructions

Illustrated 3-D Snowman Instructions
  1. Head: Coil a white Wikki into a circle, leaving a space in the center for the nose. If you don’t have white Wikkies, blue will work, or any other color you choose. Try leaving some space to make your snowman smile, (see diagram).

  2. Nose & Hat: Coil the end of an orange Wikki and place it through the hole to make a carrot nose. Then bend and shape the rest of the orange Wikki into a hat. Press together so the nose and hat stay intact.

  3. Body: You will make two coiled circles using four Wikki Stix. Use white Wikkies if you have them. Coil the first Wikki into a circle and continue the coil with a second Wikki. Wrap around, leaving half of the Wikki for the lower half.

    Make another coiled circle with the third Wikki for the lower circle and continue the coil with a fourth Wikki. Then combine it with the left over Wikki from the upper circle. Roll it up tight and press the upper and lower circles together to create the snowman’s body.

  4. Arms and Feet: Using another Wikki, any color you choose, fold 1/4 of the Wikki over tightly so it is attached. Then fold the end over one more time to crate an oval, (about 1 inch or more). This is a foot, or a boot. Repeat so you have two. (See diagram).

    Flip the snowman body over and attach both feet to the back of your snowman as shown. Half of the feet should stick out over the lower body.

    The unfolded section of the Wikkies with feet will become the arms. Criss cross the arms on the back of the upper body and press tightly.

  5. Standing Snowman: With your snowman facing you, bend each foot (or boot) towards you so he can stand on a table. How cool is your happy snowman?
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