Wikki Stix 3-D Dino Detailed Instructions

Illustrated 3-D Dino Instructions
  1. Coil a Wikki tightly into an oval to make the body. Repeat with another Wikki for the other side.

  2. With another Wikki, make small coils on each end as shown to make 2 short legs. Repeat for the other side. Then stick legs to one of the bodies. Do the same for the other side.

  3. Now you will make both sides of your dino’s head using just 1 Wikki. Fold a Wikki in half, then coil each end towards the center as shown. Leave a portion of the fold sticking out and attach the head between the body parts.

  4. For the spikes on the back, tightly bend and shape a Wikki with 5 or 6 spikes, (see illustration). Repeat for the other side and add a tail.

  5. Press the spikes and tail together and press tightly to the body (in between the 2 body parts).

  6. Set your adorable dino on the table and have fun!
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