3-D Wikki Stix Bunny Detailed Instructions

Illustrated 3-D Bunny Instructions
  1. Head & Neck: Coil a Wikki into an oval leaving a hole in the center. Allow about an inch uncoiled to form the neck. Repeat with another Wikki.

  2. Bunny Ears: Use another Wikki to make an ear by creating a loop. Attach tightly about a half-inch up from the end. Repeat to make another bunny ear.

  3. Head & Eyes: Attach one ear to the inside of the headpiece by bending the loose end and positioning it over the hole. It will show through the hole to look like an eye! Now securely attach the other ear’s loose end right on top of the one already attached.
  4. Place the other headpiece on top so the ears are now sandwiched between the two headpieces. Press together tightly and adjust the ears so they look adorable!

  5. Arms & Legs: Use a Wikki to make a coiled leg with a short arm on the end. A slight oval shape (like shown) will look best. Repeat to make another coiled leg with short arm.

    Attach oval coils to the head and ears by placing the neck and part of the head coils between the leg pieces. Press tightly together. Press mostly near the back, leaving space between the arms.

  6. Tail & Feet: Use one more Wikki as shown to shape the tail and feet. Attach your cute bunny to his tail and feet. Now watch him jump!
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